Welcome to
Martial Arts America
Independence KY

People have many reasons for their interest in martial arts. Some are drawn to the physical fitness, and self-defense. Others seek to add discipline and self-control to their lives. 

Martial Arts America offers several programs that will fit you or your child’s developmental needs and any busy schedule as well.

  • LITTLE DRAGONS (Ages 3 - 4)
  • KARATE FOR KIDS (Ages 5 - 12) 
  • STREET SMART MARTIAL ARTS (Ages 13 and up) 

Below are benefits your child or you will get from training us.

IMPROVE LIFE SKILLS - Embark on a journey of transformation for your child or yourself with martial arts. Learn positive habits which instill self-discipline, focus, developing resilience and respect. We have the knowledge to facilitate personal development having long lasting effects on learning, behavior, coordination, cognitive abilities, and emotional management. Students enrolling in our program are given the skills to become the very best they can be.

CREATE MORE FOCUS - Students in martial arts become extremely focused. In order to master techniques in class which transfers to other aspects of their lives. Children and adults who actively train in our martial arts programs are more focused, better behaved, learn faster, and excel in all aspects of life. 

ACHIEVE HIGHER GRADES IN SCHOOL - Martial arts teaches students the tools for a successful life. We challenge students to learn by working hard to achieve new goals. Individuals will learn to maintain focus, take direction better and become more students in school. 

IMPROVING SOCIAL SKILLS - People find it easier to get to know others by sharing a common interest. Our partner driven activities foster friendships, as students build their skills together to accomplish goals. You will see improvements at school, at home, and in other social settings. The students gain confidence and have a blast in a fun structured and safe atmosphere.

INSTILLING A SENSE OF RESPECT - Respect is a value that has the power to shape students into respectful individuals both on and off the mat. The structured environment and code of conduct within our martial arts classes teaches children to respect their instructors, peers, and themselves. They learn to listen attentively, follow instructions, and show humility. Laying the foundation for respectful interactions in all aspects of life.

LEARNING TO SET AND ACHIEVE GOALS - Our style teaches students that martial arts is not all about fighting; it's about setting goals and doing your best every day. Our system is based around a tiered system of colored belts that signify the wearers degree of skill and knowledge. Students strive towards a new belt; they learn valuable lessons about setting and reaching goals. Students learn that making steady progress takes patience. Nothing happens overnight, but with patience and effort goals can be reached. 

INCREASE CONFIDENCE AND BETTER SELF-DISCIPLINE - Our program focuses on self-discipline; students learn to listen well and control themselves better.  Students' confidence level will get a boost with every new move they master and belt they earn. Improving a student's ability to grow confidence builds self-discipline, improves focus and cultivates healthy habits. 

BETTER LISTENING SKILLS - Martial arts classes provide the ideal space to enhance listening skills. Students must focus on the instructions and demonstrate it with their performance. Repetition ensures that students develop active listening skills as a second nature. 

BECOME MORE PHYSICALLY ACTIVE - Enrolling in martials arts is a fun physical demanding pastime which gives students an enjoyable activity that inspires them to keep moving. Martial arts are one of the best ways to keep your mind sharper and focused on health.

LEARN SELF-DEFENSE AGAINST BULLYING - Learning martials arts helps develop situational awareness which is vital in avoiding danger. We do teach self-defense, which may become an essential skill for self-protection. However, we encourage non-violent conflict resolution should be used first. Martial arts boost confidence which elevates self-esteem, helping to deter bullies. 

OUR PROGRAM WILL HELP – Our teaching helps students become the best version of themselves and so much more. The benefits of training at Martial Arts America don’t end at the dojo. The boost in confidence, increased fitness level and new life skills will also help students navigate the academic, professional, and social aspects of life. Since 1983, Martial Arts America has been providing instruction in the martial arts. Powered by the MAUDUDO "The way of inner self" system. We currently have 6 locations... 4 in Ohio, Eastgate, Milford, Williamsburg, Anderson, and 2 in Northern Kentucky, Wilder and Independence.